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Creating art provides me with a sense of freedom. It is a vehicle that allows boundless exploration while providing a path unearthing meaning. Through my work, I strive to understand what I see and feel while delving through visible layers to contest the core of existence. These layers combine physical and intellectual perspectives that are ever changing and sometimes emerge unexpectedly from life’s menagerie of experience and memory.                   

The subject matter of my work is determined by triggers. The subtle nuances of being in a new place, the parallels and contrasts of the past with the present, conversations and connections with others, and combinations of personal interpretations of life and reactions to them, provide themes. These multiple perspectives suit themselves to fluid mediums combined with acrylic paints and inks in bold, contrasting colour to create mysterious, textured surfaces often with lurking images waiting for discovery by the viewer. The soft, painterly edges of the charcoal pieces again depict hidden and interpretive images resulting from the shadowed interplay of contrasting light and dark.    

The Consciousness series represent two positions on thought; the charcoal works an extension of the subconscious, and the mixed media that of the conscious. These different aspects of thinking often fuse, and blend their origins and complexities while informing and transforming each.

For me, this approach in developing work is exciting, ever changing, and conducive to engendering new ideas. Consciousness then acts as a continuum of thinking from cumulative experience for subject matter, while the subconscious places of these pieces are fleeting, intuitive, and reveal the unknown.

The Wichita series evolved from the geometric patterns of the irrigation fields in Wichita, Kansas viewed from 30000 foot altitude in the summer of 2010. The expansive patterning of the land was spectacular, yet the uniform organization of open space conflicted with natural landforms. Based on the authentic land structure, these works have emerged being characterized by the nature of the surrounding communities, the activities of those who live there, and the seasonal changes. Originally intended to be completed in acrylic, a blending of Japanese papers provides an extension. In further developing this series, I am exploring perspective viewpoints which enhance the landscape while incorporating the third dimension.

The independent sets are just that. They provide an opportunity to develop ideas that are strong in their own right and hold personal meaning. As reactions to life and split seconds of conscious thought, they represent events and moments of past experience, wonder, and hope.




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